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11 клас англійська мова

I.                  Complete a conditional sentence so that it means the same as in the situation (3 points).

1.     I’m sure that it’ll rain tomorrow. I don’t want to walk in the rain.
2.     Unfortunately, I don't know Philosophy, so I can't answer your question.
3.     I want to buy a Porsche, but I don't have enough money.
4.     He wants to send her an email but he doesn’t know her email address.
5.     I want to go to the party but I feel really sick.

II. Complete the sentences (2 points).

1.If I ______ (give up) smoking, I would save $5000 a year.
2. If I ______(can) get back to London in time, I'll definitely come.
3.If you buy one t-shirt, you ________ (buy) the second one free.
4. If I run into her, I ________(tell) her that you're looking for her.
5. If you were her, what ________ (to do)?

III. Translate into English (2 points).

1.     Вам слід важко працювати, щоб підготуватися до своїх екзаменів.
2.     Якщо ви хочете скласти свої іспити успішно, беріть відповідальність за своє власне навчання.
3.     Ми не знаємо точно точно скільки людей вивчає іноземні мови.
4.     Чи ти віриш в забобони?
5.     Якщо ти виснажений, обери музику, яка змусить тебе розслабитись.
4)Write down the following words into the proper columns.
Arts and Crafts
Artistic Events
Inside the Theater
1) actor, 2) cast, 3) composer, 4) conductor, 5) painting, 6) aisle, 7) box, 8) circle, 9) curtain, 10) film, 11) play, 12) playwright, 13) producer, 14) saxophonist, 15) sculptor, 16) violinist, 17) applaud, 18) boo, 19) painter, 20) pianist, 21) exhibition center, 22) museum, 23) conduct, 24) play (a part), 25) row, 26) screen, 27) scenery, 28) set, 29) carving, 30) drawing, 31) exhibit, 32) perform, 33) dancer, 34) knitting, 35) singer, 36) vocalist, 37) opera house, 38) stadium, 39) theater, 40) stalls, 41) wings, 42) orchestra pit, 43) speaker, 44) stage, 45) actress, 46) artist, 47) ballerina, 48) exhibition, 49) opera, 50) footlight, 51) gallery, 52) lighting, 53) microphone, 54) workshop, 55) musician, 56) orchestra, 57) audience, 58) backing group, 59) director, 60) drummer, 61) art gallery, 62) cinema, 63) concert hall, 64) choreographer, 65) pottery, 66) sculpture, 67) sewing, 68) guitarist (lead/bass), 69) magician, 70) ballet, 71) concert.
5. Reading
Do ex. 2, p. 171.
6.Match some types of art and their definitions.
1) Abstract art
a) looks like a seen subject.
2) Conceptual art
b) looks like something, represents something even if it is not realistic
3) Representational art
c) means it is non representational, it does not look like anything, it does not represent anything seen. It may cause the viewer to think of ideas but it does not copy the seen world or contain images
4) Realistic art
d) Looks as though it is from nature. Natural in pose, gesture, setting and imagery
5) Naturalistic art
e) means art where the idea or concept is more important than the seen image. It uses elements to suggest deeper thoughts to trigger thoughts in the viewer rather than appreciation of skilled imagery

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