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10 клас англійська мова 6 березня

1. Повторення та активізація ЛО теми.
1) Впр. 3 (с. 102). вивчи та запиши в словник слова, склади з  кожним речення та запиши в зошит
2) Читання та обговорення. Впр. 4 (с. 103).
3). Розвиток навичок писемного мовлення. Впр. 8 (с. 103).
Учні пишуть твори (60—80 слів) за темою, поданою у вправі.
4)прочитай і переклади


Stefan and Erika Svanstrom left Stockholm, Sweden on December 6 and were immediately
stranded in Munich, Germany, due to one of Europe’s worst snowstorms.
Travelling with their baby daughter, they flew on to Cairns in Australia which was then
struck by one of the most ferocious cyclones in the nation’s history.
From there, the couple, in their 20s, were forced to shelter for 24 hours on the cement
floor of a shopping centre with 2500 others.
«Trees were being knocked over and big branches were scattered across the streets»,
Mr Svanstrom told Sweden’s Expressen newspaper.
They then headed south to Brisbane but the city was experiencing massive flooding,
so they crossed the country to Perth where they narrowly escaped raging bush fires.
The couple then flew to Christchurch, New Zealand, arriving just after a massive
magnitude 6.3 earthquake devastated the city on February 22.
Mrs Svanstrom said: «When we got there the whole town was a war zone.
We could not visit the city since it was completely blocked off, so instead we travelled
around before going to Japan».
But days after the Svanstroms arrived, Tokyo was rocked by Japan’s largest earthquake
since records began.
«The trembling was horrible and we saw roof tiles fly off the buildings», Mr Svanstrom
said. «It was like the buildings were swaying back and forth».
The family returned to Stockholm on March 29 after a much calmer visit to their last
destination China.
Mr Svanstrom said: «We’ve certainly experienced more than our fair share of
catastrophes, but the most important thing is that we’re together and happy».
Mrs Svanstrom added: «To say we were unlucky with the weather doesn’t really cover
it! It’s so absurd that now we can only laugh».

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