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Завдання на період карантину 7 клас інформатика та англійська мова

  1.  Прочитай та вивчи тему "Виконання обчислень за даними електронної таблиці. Використання вбудованих функцій. " пункт 4.5  та виконай наступні завдання (файли заготовки додаються (файли заготовки -тут)
англійська мова 

  1.  ex. 1, p. 108.
  2. Complete the sentences by putting the verbs in brackets into the Present Continuous or Present Perfect Continuous.
1. Mary … (learn) French for two years.
2. Hello, Tom. I … (look) for you all morning. Where have you been?
3. Why … (you / look) at me like that? Stop it!
4. We always go to Italy for our holidays. We … (go) there for years.
5. I … (think) about what you said and I’ve decided to take your advice.
6. Is Ann on holiday this week? — No, she … (work).
7. Sam is very tired. He … (work) very hard recently.
8. The road is very wet. It (rain) for hours.
9. I … (drive) this car for more than ten years.
10. He … (feel) ill for a few days.
Key: 1 has been learning, 2 have been looking, 3 are you looking, 4 have been going,
5 have been thinking, 6 is working, 7 has been working, 8 has been raining,
9 have been driving, 10 has been feeling.
3. Прочитай та переклади 
There is a swimming pool in the Sports Centre. People of different ages can go
there. The pool offers family subscriptions so you can save some money. Training
in the pool is good for your health and you can improve your swimming skills.
There is the Sports Hall in the Sports Centre. It offers a wide variety of activities.
All kinds of modern sports equipment is available. The qualified trainers help
you with your exercise so training in the Sports Hall is useful for keeping fit.
There is the Tennis Club in the Sports Centre.It offers indoor and outdoor
courts. It has European standards and modern facilities such as a shower and
a bar. You don’t have to bring your own rackets and balls. Training in the Tennis
Club lets your keep fit and find new friends.
4. Вивчи нові слова та запиши їх у словник 
Do ex. 2 (a), p. 110.
Complete the table with the kinds of sport and add some of your own.
Water sports           Adventure sports            Ball games                   Other individual sports
5. Write about sport in Ukraine. Do ex. 4 (a), p. 110

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